Is Nintendo 3ds Still Relevant?

If you still have one and you still play it, of course it’s relevant.

Nintendo knows there are much more 3DS owners than switch owners.

The 3DS has by far one of the richest game libraries ever, with its own huge exclusive library as well as a good selection of older gen games.

Is 3ds still relevant?

It’s still alive

While there might be less new games coming out over the next year than we’ve seen previously, it’s also true that Nintendo’s official position is that they intend to continue supporting the platform at least through 2019. So, in other words — at least for now — the 3DS/2DS line isn’t going anywhere.

Is the 3ds still worth it 2019?

Even though the 3DS is preparing to perform its swan song, the console is still worth purchasing in 2019 for its excellent library. The 3DS is also much smaller than the Nintendo Switch, making it the most portable of Nintendo’s recent hardware.

Is a 3ds worth it in 2020?

Is the 3DS worth buying in 2020? Sure, there’s are plenty of 3DS exclusives that are more than worth playing. If you’re a fan of Nintendo games or of JRPGs, it’s an easy choice. It’s also a great option for playing DS games if you’re interested in those and is great for Virtual Console.

Is Nintendo getting rid of the 3ds?

Nintendo’s renewal of its commitment to the 3DS echoes the company’s stance from last year’s E3, when then-president of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime said that the company has no plans of phasing out the handheld console.

Should I buy a switch or 3ds?

One massive advantage the Switch has over the 3DS: It’s a home console and a portable console. The Switch is the perfect mix of Nintendo’s two greatest strengths in gaming hardware. The 3DS, by comparison, feels tremendously limited. Games don’t look as good, and it can only be played in handheld mode.

Should I buy a 3ds if I have a switch?

The Nintendo Switch is great, but

Mind you, the Nintendo Switch is still a great console, and its games library is fast-expanding. But according to Nintendo’s own data, most people use it as a portable console — and if you’re looking to buy a portable console, there’s nothing better than the 3DS.