Quick Answer: Is PC Gaming Big In Japan?

It’s still very much visual-novel centric on the whole, though.

PC gaming is huge in Japan now.

Famitsu estimates there are 15 million pc gamers vs 23 million console gamers in Japan.

More interesting is it says there was a 50% increase in just one year.

Traditionally, the most popular genre in Japan is role-playing games. With the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy games, that genre has largely flourished on consoles. So when Japanese gamers think of video games, they most likely think of the default: the most famous or most popular games.

What is the most played game in Japan?

Overwatch is the most popular esports game in Japan, which is played by pro teams located here. It is represented by 24 squads which have $197,175 gained in prize money. If taking into account only individual players from Japan, then the most played game here will be Overwatch as well.

Is PC gaming on the rise?

Despite the rise of mobile gaming and the continued popularity of consoles, the PC gaming market has never really declined as much as the wider PC market has. It remains a profitable business and is still the platform of choice for many eSports competitions.

How many gamers are in Japan?

70 million gamers