Question: Is Pro Controller Good For Smash?

Is the switch Pro controller good for Smash?

GC controllers were the only option for Melee, and were by far the best option for Brawl, since the standard Wii controller isn’t so suitable (Wii + nunchuck is viable but even with time to adjust, most people still prefer traditional controller). Switch pro controller feels great and would be just fine for Smash.

What controllers do pro Smash players use?

TL;DR – These are the Best Controllers for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2020:

  • GameCube Controller.
  • PDP Wired Fight Pad Pro.
  • Nintendo Joy-Con.
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.
  • PowerA Wireless Controller.
  • Hori Nintendo Switch Wireless HoriPad.
  • Hit Box Smash Box.

Which controller is better for smash Ultimate?

Pro Controller is the best in a vacuum because of the extra shoulder button and the GCC is generally the one most people are familiar with. Both of them are the best controller.

Is the switch Pro controller worth it?

However, if you’re going to spend over 200 hours playing, odds are you will get your money’s worth. The only downside to the pro controller is that it isn’t as portable as the Joy-Cons, even if you include the grip, making it something that is better for those using the Switch with the dock.