Quick Answer: Is Ps4 Cheaper In Japan?

How much is a ps4 in yen?

Starting October 1, its new price is 34,980 yen ($293). Previously, the console was priced at 39,980 yen ($335) in Japan. This is for the 500GB PS4 (the 1TB PlayStation isn’t available yet in the country).

The PlayStation 4 remains the most popular console worldwide with nearly 100 million units sold. Gamers in Japan have historically shown much more interest in portable consoles than other markets, with high adoption rates for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita as well.

How much are video games in Japan?

release). Current favorites include Alien Isolation; 7,440 yen, Call of Duty (Advanced Warfare); 6,350 yen, Far Cry 4; 7,850 yen, Forza 6; 6,400 yen and Grand Theft Auto; 6,680 yen.

Will a Japanese ps4 work in the US?

There is no difference between PS4s except the cord it comes with. So, yes the PS4 will work out the box in Japan.

How much is a PlayStation 4 in Japan?

At the Tokyo Game Show today, Sony announced that it plans to cut the cost of the PlayStation 4 in Japan from ¥39,980 to ¥34,980. The new price converts to around $292 or €258, making the PS4 significantly cheaper in its home country than in the US and Europe.

The achievement makes the PS4 more popular than Nintendo’s groundbreaking Wii, as well as the original PlayStation. To date, only the PlayStation 2 has sold more systems, topping the charts at 157 million units.

Nintendo Switch

How many ps4 have been sold in Japan?

The Switch has now sold 8.12 million units in Japan while the PlayStation 4 has sold 6.91 million units, based on sales figures from Famitsu, a Japanese gaming magazine.

A few reasons: Portability: It acts as both a home console and a portable system, offering a unified and seamless experience switching between them. It even has a method of doing multiplayer on the go by detaching the Joycons and using them as separate controllers.

How much for a can of Coke in Japan?

Coke (Coca Cola 350 ml/can): 120 yen.

The 5 Most Popular Game Series In North America & The 5 Most Popular In Japan

  • 3 North America: Assassins Creed.
  • 4 Japan: Monster Hunter.
  • 5 North America: Minecraft.
  • 6 Japan: Dragon Quest.
  • 7 North America: GTA.
  • 8 Japan: Final Fantasy.
  • 9 North America: Call Of Duty.
  • 10 Japan: Kingdom Hearts.

Is PC gaming big in Japan?

pc will always be a niche platform for gaming. In fact, throughout most of the 1980s computer games were the larger and more popular market in Japan. As a matter of fact, even console gaming is no longer the dominant way of gaming in Japan, handheld and mobile gaming is.