Quick Answer: Is The New Animal Crossing Worth It?

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What is so good about Animal Crossing?

What makes animal crossing so good? It’s the most relaxing game I have ever played. You go to your town, something is always going on, you have goals to work towards, and your friends are excited to see you. The music and sound effects and overall vibe of the game is cute, lighthearted, and wholesome.

Is Animal Crossing worth playing?

Every Animal Crossing is different and it’s not a rare thing for many fans to revisit even older games like city folk or wild world! Just got it for my girlfriend a couple weeks ago, she hadn’t played the series since City Folk. She’s hooked again and loves it. So yes, totally worth it.

Does Animal Crossing get boring?

Active Member. There’s really nothing to achieve in Animal Crossing, so you’d get bored easily, but the game isn’t meant for you to be impatient. It’s not a boring game because the purpose of it is to simulate a fantasy life where you can live out your days by catching fish, bugs, and interacting with animal citizens.

Will the Animal Crossing switch restock?

Will the new animal crossing switch be restocked? This is a limited edition console so once it is gone it won’t be restocked more than twice.