Is The Xbox 360 Still Good?

I’m still playing my 360 all the time.

It is definitely worth it.

thanks to backwards compatibility, you can play a bunch of Xbox 360 (and OG Xbox) games on the Xbox One.

So you still have access to much of the cheap game library, and you get new hardware with a warranty.

Is Xbox 360 worth buying in 2019?

It depends mostly on what you want out of a console. If you want a cheap games machine with a ton of games available that are also quite cheap, and if you don’t care that you won’t be able to play any of the recent hot games, then getting a cheap used 360 is quite worth it.

Does Xbox 360 Live Still Work 2019?

While the Xbox 360 will no longer be made, Microsoft will continue to support current hardware units. In addition, Xbox Live will continue to work for the Xbox 360 consoles that are still using it, and Xbox 360 games and accessories will also continue to be sold.

Is Xbox 360 still supported 2020?

Xbox live 360 console support for 2020. Will Microsoft continue the Xbox 360 free games for Xbox 360 live Gold members through year 2020 and how much longer will Xbox live support the 360 console with games and online activity? The Xbox one gets 4 games a month free while the Xbox 360 only gets 2 a month now.

Is Xbox 360 worth buying in 2020?

Xbox 360 is discontinued. Microsoft doesn’t make it anymore and pretty soon they will stop providing support for it. PS5 and Xbox next gen is rumored to be released in 2020. So IT IS NOT A GOOD DECISION TO BUY XBOX 360 AT THIS POINT.

Is Xbox one better than 360?

The Xbox One is newer, so it has better graphics and a faster processor. It has a much more advanced Kinect sensor, can control your TV, and has a much better multitasking experience than the 360. The Xbox 360 is cheaper because it’s been out longer.

Can I still play online on Xbox 360?

Today, Microsoft announced that Xbox One or Xbox 360 owners without Xbox Live Gold can play multiplayer without the need for an active subscription from January 31 to February 3, 2019. If you don’t have a subscription, this is a great way to play online games with your friends.

Is Xbox 360 outdated?

Member. Of course the Xbox 360 is outdated, it’s not opinion-based but rather it’s fact. The Xbox 360 we all know and love sadly had to die at some point, you can’t argue that it’s had a heck of a good run though. Last generation of consoles had the longest life-cycle in history of Games Consoles.

Is Xbox 360 Live still active?

Xbox Live for 360 is still active and supported. As you mentioned our Xbox Live Status is all up and running, so there isn’t anything on our end that would be currently affecting you.

Can you still update Xbox 360?

A new system update is available for the Xbox 360. The update brings a smattering of “minor bug fixes and improvements”. You can grab the update now if you’re still using an Xbox 360 (but you should really upgrade to an Xbox One at this point).