Question: Should I Buy A Switch Or Switch Lite?

Should I get a switch or switch Lite?

Switch Lite is for handheld/budget gaming, and feels better to hold. But the $300 original Switch can also connect to a TV with an included dock, and its controllers are detachable. You’re losing those features on the Lite. The Lite is smaller, and easier to carry.

Is a Nintendo Switch Lite worth it?

The Switch Lite is a cheaper, smaller, lighter version of the flagship Switch — which, it’s worth noting, isn’t going anywhere. Priced at $260, it’ll save you about $140 over the original Switch. It’s also more than 100 grams lighter, and noticeably — though not drastically — smaller in size.

What’s the difference between a switch and a switch Lite?

While you can get up to seven hours of battery life with the Switch Lite, which is more than what we got with the original Switch, the new Switch can last even longer with up to nine hours.

Specs & differences.

Switch V2Switch Lite
Dimensions4 x 9.4 x 5.5 inches3.6 x 8.2 x 5.5 inches
Weight.88 pounds.61 pounds

8 more rows

Should I buy a switch 2019?

7 reasons you should buy a Nintendo Switch instead of a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One in 2019. Nintendo’s Switch is a major hit and, just under two years in, it’s already got a ton of great games. If you want to play the best new Mario and “Legend of Zelda” games in years, there’s only one console: the Switch.