Quick Answer: What Animal Are The Tibble Twins?

Timmy Tibble and Tommy Tibble are identical twin bear brothers who are four years old and routinely exasperate others with their destructive antics.

Tommy wears a red scarf and Timmy wears a blue scarf.

What type of animal is Arthur?

brown aardvark

What animal is Francine?


Is George from Arthur autistic?

In the episode, “The Boy with His Head in the Clouds,” George is revealed to have dyslexia.

What animal is Mr ratburn in Arthur?

JJ Abrams doing a Justice League Dark show for HBO Max – The Loop

Mr. Ratburn
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBrown

10 more rows

Does Francine have a crush Arthur?

In some episodes it seems Francine likes Arthur although in the episode “Arthur and the Square Dance” when Francine thinks that Arthur loves her, she says that’s the grossest thing she’s ever heard although in the end it was revealed that it was just a rumor and Arthur and Francine vow to never let a silly thing like

Does Sue Ellen like Arthur?

Sue Ellen recovers her diary and hints that she has a crush on Arthur; this was probably to an allusion to Arthur’s crush on Sue Ellen in the Arthur books. In “Sue Ellen’s Little Sister”, Sue Ellen feels sad that she doesn’t have a sibling.

Who did Arthur have a crush on?

Sally MacGill is Arthur’s babysitter in “Crushed”. She is a 16 year old bear and was hired by Arthur’s parents. Arthur developed a crush on her because of her skill in video games. Arthur was heartbroken when he found out she had a boyfriend.

Is Francine Frensky black?

is francine black? answered: Yes – this claim is supported by the fact that Joshua Redman makes an appearance as Francine’s relative, and he is black and jewish. Actually, according to her wiki page, Francine is meant to be of Polish-Jewish descent.

What race is Arthur?


What is George from Arthur?

You may be looking for George, Arthur’s cousin. George Lundgren (formerly George Nordgren) is a 3rd grader who attends Lakewood Elementary School, in Mr. Ratburn’s class. He daydreams frequently, and is a skilled carpenter and ventriloquist.

What is Binky from Arthur?

Binky Barnes is an anthropomorphic bulldog and usually wears a long sleeved orange-pecan button up shirt, dark blue slacks, a light blue belt buckle, and brown loafers. He usually wears his shirt tucked into his pants.

When did George meet Carl?

“When Carl Met George” (or “George and the Missing Puzzle Piece”) is the first half of the sixth episode in the thirteenth season of Arthur.

Who is Mr ratburn’s husband?

In the episode, Mr. Ratburn, best known as Arthur’s wry and wise third grade teacher, gets married to his new husband, an aardvark chocolatier named Patrick — a union that Arthur and his friends Buster, Muffy and Francine discover when they crash the wedding.

What is DW’s full name?

Dora Winifred Read

Who did Nigel ratburn marry?

Patrick and Nigel Ratburn married in an elegant ceremony on May 13. On Monday, Mr. Ratburn, the teacher on the longtime PBS show Arthur, made headlines by getting married in the show’s Season 22 premiere—to a male aardvark. Here is their wedding announcement.