Quick Answer: What Are The Prettiest Girl Names?

What are the top 10 prettiest girl names?

The Top Ten

  • 1 Isabella. I like this name for its meaning of beautiful and because it’s my name!
  • 2 Elise. My name is Elise!
  • 3 Anna. Anna is my name also, and I’m really proud of it.
  • 4 Adrienne.
  • 5 Sai.
  • 6 Laura.
  • 7 Alexandra.
  • 8 Adrianna.

What is the prettiest name ever?

100 of the most beautiful baby names of all time

  1. Edmund. Maddox. Elijah. Tristan. Holden. Greyson.
  2. Hurley. Kai. Turner. Vaughn. Rhys. Rowan.
  3. Max. Hugh. Lucas. Gerard. Albert. Arthur.
  4. GIRLS. Eva. Poppy. Valentina. Megan. Abigail.
  5. Lexi. Milla. Ciara. Penelope. Kim. Amber.
  6. Pearl. Nancy. Zola. Ruby. Willow. Aubrey. Lila.
  7. Lottie. Zara. Kol. Laurel. Julia. Juno. Roxy.
  8. Felicity. Phoebe. Kaya. Freya. Daisy. Hadley. Scarlett.

What are some unique names for a girl?

Unusual Girl Names Starting With . . .

  • A. Addilyn, Adley, Analia, Aria, Armelle, Aviana.
  • B. Bexley, Braelynn, Brea, Brinley, Britta, Bronywn.
  • C. Calla, Camari, Cora, Corinna.
  • D. Danica, Darby, Delaney, Diem, Dinah.
  • E. Effie, Elodie, Elora, Ember, Embry, Emerson.
  • F. Farah, Farren, Fleur.
  • G. Gianna, Gracen, Grecia, Greer.
  • H.

What is the prettiest girl name you ever heard?

Of course I think Pandora is the prettiest, most beautiful girls’ name ever, but there are others that come close. Fae, Demelza, Rowenna, Morgana, Amadea, Arabella, and Enna are some that sound particularly enchanting to me, although I have many more loves.

What are strong female names?

Strong And Powerful Girl Names:

  1. Aadya: The name Aadya is rooted in Sanskrit.
  2. Audrey: Sponsored.
  3. Valerie: Valerie is the French variant of the name Valeria and means ‘strength, health.
  4. Adira: This Hebrew name, meaning ‘strong’ is both simple and exotic.
  5. Bree: Bree is a short and breezy name with a sophisticated image.
  6. Andrea:
  7. Rainey:
  8. Valencia:

What is the most rare name?

Rare Girl’s Names

  • Alabama.
  • Arantxa — This Basque name was given to 46 baby girls in 2014.
  • Atlas.
  • Bentlee.
  • Chichi.
  • Diem.
  • Drishti.
  • Esma.

What is the rarest girl name?

Rare Girl’s Names

  1. Alabama.
  2. Arantxa — This Basque name was given to 46 baby girls in 2014.
  3. Atlas.
  4. Bentlee.
  5. Chichi.
  6. Diem.
  7. Drishti.
  8. Esma.

What is a unique name?

The name Unique means Unlike Others and is of American origin. Unique is name that’s been used by parents who are considering unisex or non-gendered baby names–baby names that can be used for any gender. People who like the name Unique also like: Xavier, Elijah, Gabriel, Imani, Caleb, Drake, Zamir.

What are some unique names?

These are some of our favorite highly unique baby names, each given to 25 or fewer babies in 2018.

  • Anouk.
  • Ailsa.
  • Auberon.
  • Bee.
  • Dot.
  • Elettra.
  • Fielder.
  • Florian.

What does Blue Girl mean?

Bluegirl – Detailed Meaning. As Bluegirl, you are independent and industrious. Being versatile, capable, talented, and creative, you could excel in many fields as long as they hold your interest.

What is a badass girl name?

Badass Girl Names:

  1. Angelina: The name may mean ‘angel’, but its most famous bearer Angelina Jolie is anything but.
  2. Lilith: This Hebrew name can mean ‘ghost,’ ‘night monster’, or ‘storm goddess,’ depending on the translation.
  3. Blair:
  4. Lola:
  5. Aella:
  6. Ruby:
  7. Aiden:
  8. Luna:

What are sassy girl names?

25 Sassy Baby Girl Names With Attitude

  • 25 Vada.
  • 24 Roxy.
  • 23 Venus.
  • 22 Milan.
  • 21 Vivi.
  • 20 Kimora.
  • 19 Darcy.
  • 18 Pippa.

What are powerful names?


  1. Aaron: Hebrew — Enlightened.
  2. Aiden: Celtic — The sun god; fiery.
  3. Alexander: Greek — Defender of men.
  4. Amell: German — Power of an eagle.
  5. Amory: German — Leader; divine; brave; powerful.
  6. Andrew: Greek — Strong; manly; courageous.
  7. Anthony: Latin — Priceless.
  8. Asher: Hebrew —Happy or blessed.