What Can I Expect With Nintendo Direct?

When’s the next Nintendo Direct 2020?

March 17th, 2020

When’s the next Nintendo Direct 2019?

February 13, 2019

What is Nintendo switch direct?

A Nintendo Direct specifically concerning software and hardware related to the Wii U console. This type of Nintendo Direct has been discontinued following the end of Wii U production to make way for the Nintendo Switch. A presentation focusing on titles by independent developers coming to Nintendo Switch.

What time do Nintendo directs happen?


The Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct will begin Thursday, February 20 at 9 a.m. EST. Nintendo confirms the proceedings will amount to a roughly 25-minute presentation focused on Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Will there be a Nintendo Direct in January 2020?

Nintendo Direct January 2020 has been the hot topic for Nintendo Switch fans recently. It’s been quite awhile since the last proper Nintendo Direct, with that broadcast taking place in September.

Will there be a Nintendo Direct in October 2019?

No upcoming Nintendo Direct has been announced. It has been 184 days since the last general Nintendo Direct, which was on September 4th, 2019. The last non-general Nintendo Direct was an Animal Crossing: New Horizons-focused Direct, which aired on February 20th, 2020 — 15 days ago.

Will there be a Nintendo Direct in November 2019?

According to the rumor, the Nintendo Direct November 2019 date is November 13, and it will mainly focus on three Switch games that have already been announced – Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Will there be a Nintendo Direct in December 2019?

December 10, 2019

It will go live at 10 a.m. PDT, or 1 p.m. EDT. Indie World presentations focus on upcoming indie games making their way to the Nintendo Switch.

How many days has it been since the last Nintendo Direct?

188 days

Is there a Nintendo Direct this month?

Nintendo Direct: June 12, 2018

Nintendo had plenty to announce this year at E3! Let’s take a look at what Nintendo had for us at the biggest gaming event of the year.

Can you watch Nintendo Direct on switch?

An all-new Nintendo Direct Mini is here! Watch now to see more than 25 minutes of news on Nintendo Switch games coming this year.

Will a new Nintendo switch come out?

DigiTimes reported the new Nintendo Switch model will be released in “mid-2020,” with production beginning “at the end of first-quarter 2020” — which is sometime around March.