Quick Answer: What Color Switch Lite Should I Get?

What color Nintendo Switch Lite should I get?

Nintendo Switch Lite: Gray

Because the Switch Lite is a handheld console, you’ll need to buy Joy-Cons if you want to play a game that has motion controls.

However, it also weighs a lot less than a regular Switch, making it perfect for handheld gaming.

The color of this console is a neutral gray color.

Will Switch Lite have more colors?

For the person who needs a little more color in a game console. Nintendo’s smaller Switch Lite is not only more portable than the regular Switch, but it’s also more colorful. The new coral version adds a pinkish tint to the lineup but without calling it pink. The Switch maker revealed the coral Switch Lite on Tuesday.

Is the switch Lite worth it?

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a fantastic handheld. I like the heavier feel to the Switch, and the larger display is a nice bonus too. That isn’t a knock against the Switch Lite, as I think it’s a great device that’s well worth the price, but for me, I’d rather pay more to have that additional functionality.

Instead, the Switch Lite is a dedicated handheld, like Nintendo’s Game Boy, DS, and 3DS before it. That said, the Switch Lite is a killer handheld console at a great price. It’s a particularly good choice for kids, or people who already own a Switch but want a dedicated handheld version to take on the go.