What Days Does Gracie Come In Animal Crossing?

To do this, at least 50,000 Bells have to be spent at the store and TIY has to be in the town for at least 21 days.

Also Gracie visits the town plaza on random days.

How do you get Gracie to come to your town?

After the player has expanded the Nookling store in their town to T.I.Y. and spent 70,000 bells or more there, Gracie will start to visit the town’s Plaza on completely random days. However, she may rarely appear for some players, making it more difficult to get the T&T Emporium.

Where do you find Gracie in Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

After the player has upgraded Timmy and Tommy’s store to T.I.Y., Gracie will start appearing at the Event Plaza on random week days after the player has spent 70,000 bells.

How do you pass Gracie Grace’s fashion check?

In order to pass Gracie’s fashion check, you’ll have to be wearing an outfit that consists mostly of Clothing that fits the theme she mentions to you. All clothing items in Animal Crossing: New Leaf fit into one of ten themes.

Does kicks upgrade in new leaf?

Kicks (Japanese: Shoe Shank) is a new store found in New Leaf run by Kicks. It is built next door to the Able Sisters tailor shop when the player has spent 8,000 Bells in Able Sisters. 10 days must also have passed since the creation of the Town.

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