Quick Answer: What Do I Need To Trade In A Console At Game?

What ID do I need to trade in?

For trade-in credit, a photo ID (a valid passport, driving license, military, or government recognised photo pass card) Please note: For phones or tablets you will also require a domestic bill dated within the last 90 days.

Can you trade in consoles at game?

Imported games, consoles and electronics are excluded from Trade-Ins. No multiple copies of any game can be traded in towards this offer. Games must be in original packaging. Cash trade-in value may vary.

Can I trade in a console without the box?

Do I need to have the original box to trade in a PS4? nope, no box needed. just system, power cord, hdmi cable, sony wireless controller and the charge cable for the controller. Controller cable (Micro-usb; preferably one longer than your hand.)

Can you trade in a Xbox for a ps4?

You can now trade in a PS4 or Xbox One for bonus credit at GameStop. If you’re looking to offload an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, GameStop has some good news for you. The retailer is temporarily upping the amount of trade-in credit on those consoles by between $40 and $80, depending on the model you have.

How do you prepare a trade console?



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Consumer Service: How to Prepare a Nintendo Switch for Trade-In


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