What Do We Know About Pokemon Gen 8?

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What is Pokemon Gen 8?

The eighth generation (Generation VIII) of the Pokémon franchise features 86 fictional species of creatures introduced to the core video game series in the 2019 Nintendo Switch games Pokémon Sword and Shield as of patch 1.1.0.

How many Pokemon are there after Gen 8?

There are 809 Pokemon in total. It will increase in the coming year with an announcement for the 8th generation coming soon.

Is Pokemon Gen 8 out?

The eighth generation of Pokémon was announced with the reveal of Pokémon Sword and Shield on February 27, 2019. These games were released worldwide on November 15, 2019.

Poll Confirms That Sobble Is The Most Popular Pokémon Sword And Shield Starter. Yesterday’s reveal of Pokémon Sword and Shield didn’t give all that much away about the new games, but one particularly notable segment introduced the three new starter Pokémon we can expect to choose from on our journey.

Will there be a Gen 9 Pokemon?

People are angry about gen 8, but it’s there 1st time on switch. Gen 9 is the pokemon game we will all want. In 3 years, gen 9 will be the game we all want.

Is gengar in sword and shield?

Gigantamax Machamp is a version exclusive to Pokémon Sword, while Gigantamax Gengar is exclusive to Pokémon Shield. However, players can access to the Pokémon not found in their game through the online features. You can learn more about that in our Sword and Shield online guide.

Will there be new Eevee evolutions in Gen 8?

So with generation 8 coming out in late 2019 it is safe to say we will at least see one new eevee in the newest games. There are some things to consider for future eeveelutions however. 1. There are currently 18 different pokemon types, 8 of which have an eeveelution attached to them.

Will lucario be in sword and shield?

Lucario Locations in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Lucario does not spawn in the wild. Instead you can catch Riolu and evolve it into Lucario. A popular spawn location you can find Riolu is in the Giant’s Cap area with a 05% chance to spawn during Snowstorm weather.

Is Metagross in sword and shield?

Just about every rare Legendary will be available in Sword and Shield when this portion of the Expansion Pass is released in the fall. But Metagross and Garchomp, two pseudo-legendary Pokémon, will have trainers happy to see some of the most powerful Pokémon in Sword and Shield.