What Does The Lighthouse Do In ACNL?

How do you get the lighthouse in ACNL?

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, the lighthouse is obtained through donations to the town fund. Once the fountain is obtained the player must donate 1,000,000 Bells, at which point either a lighthouse or windmill will be built.

How do you turn on the lighthouse in Animal Crossing?

Task. The Lighthouse can be lit by going through the back-door of the Lighthouse, which is only accessible once the task has been accepted. Inside the Lighthouse, the player will see a switch which must be pulled by pressing ‘A’ which will switch on the light.

How do you unlock public works projects?

Unlock Public Works Projects. Available 7 days after completion of first Public Works Project. Speak to Isabelle. Available 14 days after moving in and after donating 20 items (1 in each category).

What is the fastest way to make money in Animal Crossing City Folk?

Sell any items you get in the mail. If you get a fruit that is not native to your town in the mail, make sure to plant it somewhere near your house as soon as you get it. Spend 15 minutes talking to every person in your town at least three times. Sell every item you get and keep the profit.

How do you get the windmill in ACNL?

When 1,000,000 Bells are donated to the Town Fund, a lighthouse or a windmill will appear in the player’s town after a week. The player can vote between the the two by talking to Pelly. The windmill will automatically be placed on the peninsula of the town by the beach.

How do you get the fountain in City Folk?

In Animal Crossing: City Folk

If 400,000 Bells in total (including the 200,000 for the bridge) are donated to the town fund, a fountain will be built in front of the Bus Stop on the small cement square. The fountain in the City is located near where Phineas and his balloon stand appears.