What Does The Name Ariela Mean?

The name Ariela means Lion Of God and is of Hebrew origin.

Ariela is a name that’s been used by parents who are considering baby names for girls.

Form of the name Ariel.

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Is the name Arielle in the Bible?

Ariel (Hebrew: אריאל‎, romanized: Ari’el, Arael or Ariael) is an angel found primarily in Jewish and Christian mysticism and Apocrypha. The literal meaning is “lion of God.” The word Ariel occurs in the Hebrew Bible at Isaiah 29:1, 29:2, and 29:7, where it refers to Jerusalem.

How do you pronounce Ariela?

It is pronounced as AAR-iy-ehL-aa- †. Ariela’s language of origin is Hebrew. It is predominantly used in English, Hebrew, and Italian. The meaning of Ariela is ‘lion of God’.

What name means alive?

Chava means “alive, living.” It’s the Biblical name for Eve, the first woman in the Bible.

What does Arielle mean in Hebrew?

Arielle. Gender: Female. Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: Lion Of God. The name Arielle means Lion Of God and is of Hebrew origin.