Quick Answer: What Fruits Can You Get In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

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How do you get all the fruit in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

How Do You Get All Fruit In Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

  • Use Nook Miles Tickets to visit random islands.
  • Co-ordinate with friends to fruit swap and get them all.
  • Find randoms on the internet for a fruit swap.

What does eating fruit do in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Eating fruit in New Horizons gives your character the extra nutrients required to shovel a tree right out of the ground, which is really useful if you want to rearrange your island without sacrificing a rare fruit tree. Eating fruit will fill up your fruit gauge, which will climb as high as ten uses.

How do you get different fruit in Animal Crossing?

You can get other fruits either by visiting your friends’ towns, and taking whatever they have on your trees and planting it in your own town, or taking the fruit from the island and planting that in your own town, or by sometimes getting random fruit as rewards for helping out your villagers, and then planting those.

What are all the fruits in Animal Crossing?

Fruit are common items that grow from fruit trees and palm trees in all Animal Crossing series titles. They can be eaten in all games and are sometimes requested by villagers. Each town starts with one of five types of fruit as its native fruit: Apples, Oranges, Cherries, Pears, and Peaches.