What Happened Tortimer?

Did Tortimer die?

The first thing you discover in Animal Crossing Switch is that Tortimer has died.

This isn’t a spoiler or anything, it’s actually the premise of the game.

Tortimer has died, leading Isabelle and you, the new mayor, to discover the massive debts Tortimer had racked up before his passing.

Is Tortimer Dead Animal Crossing?

Tortimer is dead, and the New Horizons island is Tortimer Island. In every single Animal Crossing game, Tortimer is the friendly yet elderly Mayor of whatever village you move into. This changes in New Leaf, where he retires to a self-named island, leaving the title of Mayor to the player.

Can you die in New Horizons?

Best answer: It’s unclear whether characters can die in Animal Crossing: New Horizons at this time, but Nintendo has confirmed that you can get stung or worse by wasps, spiders, or scorpions on the island. However, the addition of a mysterious gravestone in the Nintendo Direct may indicate a more permanent end.

Where is Tortimer in new leaf?

Tortimer, sporting tropical wear, will appear “under the spotlight” in the “dark room” as you load your game. That day, speak to him at the dock. The following day, you can travel to the resort island (AKA Tortimer’s Island)! At the dock, speak to Kapp’n to go to the resort island.