What Is The Best KK Slider Song?

How do you get a song from KK Slider?

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, K.K. Slider appears in Club LOL starting at 8PM each day. On Saturdays, he will be on stage with a guitar and you can request a song from him. Afterwards, you’ll get a copy of that song, which you can display or put into a music player in your house.

What songs can KK Slider play?

In Animal Crossing, three songs can only be heard and air checks received upon request; “I Love You”, “K.K. Song”, and “Two Days Ago”. Another three songs can be heard when making an invalid song request; “Forest Life”, “My Place”, and “To the Edge”.

How many KK Slider songs are there?

My Top 15 KK Slider Songs – YouTube

  • 15. Go KK Rider. [00:09]
  • 14. KK Lament. [00:43]
  • 13. Agent KK. [01:31]
  • 12. Café KK. [02:20]
  • 10. My Place. [04:20]
  • 9. Forest Life. [05:05]
  • 8. KK Disco. [05:52]
  • 6. KK Sonata. [07:52]

Can you get more than one song from KK Slider?

Well, once you’ve got the T.I.Y. shop upgrade, you can buy a K.K. Slider song. So you would be getting one song everyday including Saturday.