What Is The Biggest Arapaima In The World?

Genus Arapaima is the type genus of the family Arapaimidae.

They are among the world’s largest freshwater fish, reaching as much as 3 m (9.8 ft).

Genus:Arapaima J.


Müller, 1843

Type species
Sudis gigas Schinz, 1822

8 more rows

What is the biggest arapaima?

The largest freshwater fish in South America, arapaima (Arapaima gigas) can grow to over 10 feet (3 meters) long and have been known to tip the scales at over 400 pounds (180 kilograms).

Can arapaima eat humans?


This handsome fellow is one of the biggest freshwater fishes in the world, at over 100kg and 2m long. It’s not directly harmful to humans, although its cousin in Malaysia was credited with drowning two men in 2009. It eats fish and crustaceans, but also small land animals who happen to walk along the shore.

Can you eat pirarucu?

The Pirarucu is a traditional staple in the diet of the riberinhos and can be eaten fresh, dried and salted much like cod The flesh has practically no bones and is suitable for local dishes like “Pirarucu de casaca”.

How many arapaima are left in the world?

A moratorium on their capture was enacted in 2002, but illegal poaching continues. Scientists aren’t sure how many arapaimas are left but they think it is probably around 5,000 in the Essequibo, up from a low of around 800 in 2012.

How much is a pirarucu worth?

Thanks to ASPROC, the fishermen are paid seven reais (about $1.75) per kilo (2.2 pounds), against the four reais they could count on by selling in local markets. But restaurants pay a whopping 48 reais a kilo, because of transportation costs. The dish is then sold for about 70 reais ($17).

Can fish eat humans?

They also eat carrion and corpses of human beings, which they have been known to excavate and devour.

What is the largest freshwater fish in the world?

beluga sturgeon

Are Tarpon dangerous to humans?

Danger to Humans

Though tarpon usually spook easily and show extreme weariness when around humans, they occasionally, and usually accidentally, injure humans. Most injuries occur when anglers try to release tarpon after a fight, whereby tarpon have reportedly killed the angler in its violent thrashing.

Can a catfish kill you?

At least 1,250 species of catfish are venomous, a new study finds. Most catfish use their venom for defense. Some in North America can inflict a sting that humans notice. Elsewhere in the world, a few catfish species can even kill humans.