Question: What Is The Biggest Giant Trevally Ever Caught?

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Will giant trevally attack humans?

The reason for this behavior is unclear, but the giant trevally does not attempt to eat the dead shark. Rarely, they have been recorded behaving in the same way towards humans: A spearfisher in Hawaii broke three ribs when rammed by a giant trevally.

How much is a giant trevally worth?

I’ve seen bigger!” The Giant Trevally, Caranx ignobilis, is a rare fish exclusive to Tortimer Island. It can be caught all day, year-round, and sells for 4,500 Bells.

Do people eat giant trevally?

Bigeye Trevally are caught more for sport than for food. They’re certainly edible, but there are probably a dozen other fish that taste better swimming about in the same waters.

Where can I find giant trevally?

Giant trevally are found around reefs in the warmer waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, from Africa in the East to the Hawaiian Islands in the West, and from Australia in the South to as far north as Japan. It’s known to venture into shallow bays, lagoons and estuaries as well.

Are giant trevally dangerous?

So when you come out to the reef, keep an eye out for these large fish. While GTs are not usually dangerous to humans, it is a good idea not to feed them or try to touch them, as groups are excitable with food in the water, and a stray finger or hand may be hard to distinguish from a piece of fish or other food item.

What does the giant trevally eat?

The species predominantly takes various fish as prey, although crustaceans, cephalopods and molluscs make up a considerable part of their diets in some regions. The giant trevally employs novel hunting strategies, including shadowing monk seals to pick off escaping prey, as well as using sharks to ambush prey.

How big is a giant trevally?

170 cm

Can giant trevally live in freshwater?

Bigeye Trevally normally live inshore, but they’re just as at home around offshore seamounts. They can even make their way upriver into freshwater. In short, they’re everywhere.

Is GT good eating?

Small GT are good eating, but larger ones turn to boot leather, tough as nails to chew and very very strong in flavour, not recommended at all.

Do people eat trevally?

Bigeye Trevally are caught more for sport than for food. They’re certainly edible, but there are probably a dozen other fish that taste better swimming about in the same waters. That being said, they’re a popular commercial catch in places like the Philippines and Papua New Guinea.

Are there giant trevally in Florida?

While there are 18 currently recognized species in this genus, the giant trevally tops all of them in size. Caranx ignobilis are surprisingly intuitive when it comes to feeding. They can hunt alone or in schools.

What is Talakitok fish in English?

Bigeye Trevally ( Caranx sexfasciatus )

This is a species that can be found all over the islands. This fish is also known as Bigeye Jack or Dusky Jack in English, Talakitok in Tagalog, and Mahinlo in Cebuano. This species is know to feed primarily at night or at dawn or dusk.

What does a giant trevally look like?

At sizes less than 50 cm, the giant trevally is a silvery-grey fish, with the head and upper body slightly darker in both sexes. All the fins are generally light grey to black, although fish taken from turbid waters often have yellowish fins, with the anal fin being the brightest.

What is the best lure for trevally?

The best baits for trevally are small cubes of pilchard, skipjack or any other common baitfish. If trevally are schooling on the surface and feeding on krill they may take a small trolled lure, jig or softbait cast into the school.

What does a trevally fish look like?

Silver trevally have two dorsal fins, a deeply forked tail fin, and two small detached spines in front of the anal fin. Juveniles and sub-adults usually have a yellow mid-lateral stripe and a faint yellow stripe along the bases of the dorsal and anal fins. Size (length and weight): Up to 1.2 metres and 18 kg.