Question: What Is The Cheapest Nintendo Switch Lite?

How much is the cheapest Nintendo Switch Lite?

The MSRP Nintendo Switch Lite price in the US is $199.99.

Why is the switch Lite cheaper?

Initially, the Switch Lite is $100 cheaper, with the handheld gaming system only costing $200 rather than the new Switch’s $300 price point. This means that Switch Lite owners need to buy some accessories if they want to play multiplayer games or games that rely on you waving a Joy-Con around.

Will Nintendo Switch Lite go on sale?

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a great alternative to the Nintendo Switch. It’s even more portable, and even though it doesn’t hook up to the TV, it plays all the games a Switch does. Right now, you can score a 32GB Switch Lite on sale at eBay in three colors: turquoise, yellow and gray.

How much is a used Nintendo Switch Lite?

Currently priced at $199.99, it is less expensive than the original Nintendo Switch—which makes it more affordable for those folks that don’t have $299.99 to drop on a new console.