What Is The Difference Between V1 And V2 Ps4 Controllers?

Is there any huge difference between the Dualshock 4 versions?

V2 allows you to use the controller fully wired.

The V1 controller uses the cable exclusivly for charging, Even if you play with it plugged in it still uses bluetooth.

What’s the difference between DualShock 4 and v2?

2 Answers. This reddit post contains a few differences. The ones standing out the most are: Longer battery life, more durable rubber on the analog sticks, theres a light bar on the face of the touch pad, and the controller is also a little lighter.

How do I know if my ps4 controller is v2?



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What is the difference between ps4 controllers?

There is no difference between a ps4 controller for the ps4 than there is a ps4 controller for the ps4 pro if that is what you were asking. The best pro controller for ps4 would be a scuf although they are quite expensive. the best for Xbox would be a Xbox elite controller.

How do I know what version my ps4 controller is?

Checking your PlayStation’s software version.

  • Turn on your PlayStation and starting at your home screen, navigate to Settings (up and to the right) using your favorite controller.
  • In the Settings menu, scroll down and click on System.
  • Once in the system menu, at the very top of the page, click on System Information.

What does v2 mean on ps4 controller?

V2 have a small light bar on the touch pad so that you can see the light in early version it was only in the front. V2 also switch from Bluetooth to wired when you connect controller via USB in early version it was always connected to Bluetooth and controller was getting charged.

What is the ps4 v2 controller?

Yes, the Sony PS4 Official DualShock 4 wireless Controller V2 is Version 2 of the Dualshock 4 Wireless controller officially licensed from Sony.

How much do ps4 controllers cost?

If you’ve gotta have it though, Amazon is the cheapest today at $60.83 (used). Urban Camo DualShock 4: This model is a bit of a rare find at most retailers so expect higher prices than most models. Today’s best price for the Urban Camo DualShock 4 is $74.99 at Amazon.

What are the different types of ps4s?

Launch Consoles

Bundle NameRegionCapacity
Standard PS4WW500GB
Standard PS4 B-chassisWW500GB or 1TB
Standard PS4 C-chassisWW500GB or 1TB
Battlefield 4 BundleWW500GB

1 more row

How do I know if my ps4 is original?

1000 series: On the PS4

Model number: The model number is located in two places on the bottom of the back, near the bar codes. It begins with CUH and is followed by a dash, 4 numbers, and a letter. In the example below, the model number is in the green box and is CUH-1001A.

Do ps4 controllers have serial numbers?

Each controller has a unique bar coded number on the back of the controller. so the serial # is on the box? that’s really the only way the receipt would have the serial number. The serial number is recorded at the point of sale. When you try and return it they’ll take the controller out of the box and scan it.

What is the best controller for ps4?

Best PS4 Controllers

  1. Sony DualShock 4. The best traditional PS4 controller.
  2. Nacon Revolution Unlimited. The best wireless custom PS4 controller.
  3. Razer Raiju Tournament. The best programmable eSports PS4 controller.
  4. Nacon Asymmetrical Wireless. Best PS4 controller with asymmetrical thumbsticks.
  5. Thrustmaster eSwap Pro.

Are new ps4 controllers better?

The New PS4 Controller Offers More Than Just Another Lightbar. Hmmmm, this is an interesting little detail. In other words, if you’re playing a title that relies heavily on quick, precise inputs – like a fighting game or an action game – you should experience more responsive controls with the new DualShock 4.