What Is The Nintendo Switch AC Adapter?

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Can you use any AC adapter for Nintendo switch?

For charging the Switch alone, any USB-C spec charger should be sufficient–better if it supports Power Delivery. You can use any usb-c adapters when charging the Switch alone, but when using it with the dock, using the official Nintendo power brick is a MUST if you want a safe experience.

What AC adapter do I need for Nintendo switch?

The Nintendo Switch AC Adapter supports 7.5 watts (5 volts @ 1.5 amps) and 39 watts (15 volts @ 2.6 amps) charging profiles over its USB Type-C connector.

What chargers are compatible with Nintendo switch?

Comparison of All Recommended Wall Chargers for the Nintendo Switch

AUKEY PA-Y19 Minima 30W30W USB-C PD
ZMI PowerPlug TurboReview (4.8)45W USB-C PD Quick Charge 3.0
Inateck 60W PD USB-CReview (4.9)60W USB-C PD
Anker PowerPort III Duo18W USB-C PD 18W USB-C PD PowerIQ 3.0 (Quick Charge compatible)

4 more rows

Is it safe to charge a Nintendo switch with a phone charger?

Safely Charge the Nintendo Switch. It is safe to charge the Nintendo Switch with a third party USB charger or power bank. There have been no confirmed reports of quality charger damaging a Switch console. There have been problems with third party docks.

Can you charge a Nintendo switch with a phone charger?

It is not recommended, but technically doable. However, the Switch is designed to charge on a higher amperage than some phone chargers output, so depending on the charger, your Switch might charge slowly, or if you’re using it, continue to deplete, but at a slower rate.