Quick Answer: Whats The Most Expensive Amiibo?

What is the rarest Amiibo?

With only a few in circulation and such a high price tag, the legless Princess Peach is the rarest Amiibo in the world.

What is the rarest Amiibo 2019?

These are the rarest and most expensive amiibo for Nintendo

  • Teddy bear: Mega Yarn Yoshi.
  • The knit puppy: Yarn Poochy.
  • The cube: Qbby.
  • Squid sisters!: Callie and Marie 2-pack.
  • Off the Hook: Pearl and Marina – Splatoon.
  • Swimming solo: Inkling Squid (Orange) – Splatoon.
  • It isn’t easy being green: Inkling Girl (Green)
  • Octoposse: Octoling Boy, Octopus, and Girl (3-Pack)

What is the best Amiibo?

The Best Amiibo Toys for Nintendo Switch and 3DS

  1. Zero Suit Samus.
  2. Guardian (Breath of the Wild series)
  3. Yarn Yoshi.
  4. Zelda (The Wind Waker)
  5. Corrin (Player 2)
  6. Boo (Super Mario Series)
  7. Isabelle (Animal Crossing)
  8. Kirby (Kirby series) The Kirby amiibo works with nearly as many games as the Mario and Zelda characters.

How much are Amiibos worth?

Amiibo Prices & Amiibo Figure List

TitleLoose PriceNew Price
Captain Falcon$11.52$16.95

47 more rows