Where Can I Sell My Old Laptop For Cash?

If you’re ready to get rid of your laptop, here are the best sites to sell your laptop for cash.

  • eBay. In 2017, eBay reached 170 million active users.
  • 2. Facebook Marketplace.
  • Amazon.
  • Swappa.
  • Gazelle.
  • OfferUp.
  • LetGo.

Where can I sell my old laptop for cash near me?

  1. Amazon Trade-In.
  2. Best Buy Trade-In. Best Places to Sell Laptop Near Me.
  3. LetGo.
  4. Facebook Marketplace.
  5. Craigslist. Best Place to Sell iMac (in Any Condition!)
  6. Buyback Boss. Best Site to Sell Gaming Laptops.
  7. Gadget Salvation. Best Site to Sell Mac Books.
  8. Mac Me an Offer. Best Site to Sell Chromebook Laptops.

Can I get money for my old laptop?

Ready to upgrade that old computer? Several sites will let you trade in your laptop for cash or gift cards, and even pay the shipping to send it to them. You’ll probably make more money by selling your used laptop on places like Craigslist or eBay, depending on your particular machine.

Where can I sell a used computer?

Best places to sell your used electronics in 2020

  • Amazon Trade-In. Payment method: Amazon gift card.
  • Apple Trade In. Payment method: Apple Store gift card.
  • Best Buy Trade-In Program. Payment method: Best Buy gift card.
  • Nextworth. Payment method: PayPal or check.
  • eBay Instant Selling. Payment method: eBay Instant Voucher.
  • Flipsy.

Where can I sell old electronics?

Below are the best places to sell old electronics for cash.

  1. BuyBackWorld. BuyBackWorld is one of the top places to sell your old devices for cash.
  2. SellCell. SellCell is a terrific choice to sell your used electronics for cash online.
  3. Gazelle.
  4. Buyback Boss.
  5. Swappa.
  6. Sell Old Electronics on Amazon.
  7. Decluttr.
  8. GameStop Trade-In.

Does Best Buy buy used laptops?

Instead of keeping an old laptop around as clutter, you can bring it into a Best Buy store and trade it in for up to $300 on a Best Buy gift card. Not all products are eligible for trade-in. Not available in all locations and some stores may have additional limitations. Trade-in value may vary.

How much are old laptops worth?

In general, it looks like such laptops have sold for around $200-$350 in the last few months, though your results might vary, particularly if you’re selling locally, since there might be fewer people shopping for a device with those specs in your area.

How can I get money for my old computer?

Once you’ve collected your computers and other items, you can make money by recycling them in one of these four different ways.

  • Repair and Resell Computers.
  • Sell Individual Parts from Computers.
  • Sell Your Computer Parts to Scrap Yards.
  • Trade in Your Used Computers, Laptops or Other Electronic Items for Cash or Gift Cards.

How much do pawn shops give for laptops?

Laptop offers can range anywhere from $50 to $300 and higher depending on the condition, brand, and quality. Read our post on how much pawn shops pay for laptops.

Are old computers worth anything?

Because some older computers, gaming consoles, and handheld devices have been fetching quite a lot of money on eBay and through other auctions as of late. While many can bring in $50 or $100, some extremely rare or significant electronics can command thousands of dollars.

How can I sell my old desktop?

You can sell your old desktop computers online.

Some of the best sites who buy all used/broken gadgets at the best price are as follow:

  1. Amazon.
  2. Swappa.
  3. Buy Back Pros.
  4. Gazelle.
  5. eBay.
  6. Decluttr.