Where Can You Sell Old Phones?

Where to Sell Your Old Phone: Online Tech Marketplaces

  • Gazelle. Gazelle is the largest U.S. cell phone trade-in marketplace.
  • SellCell. SellCell is the Priceline of cell phone sales websites.
  • OCBuyBack.
  • uSell.
  • Decluttr.
  • ecoATM.
  • Swappa.
  • eBay.

Does Walmart give you money for old phones?

Walmart is following Best Buy, Apple, Gamestop, and the rest with a trade-in program that offers up to $300 in-store credit for your old smartphone. “Credit” is the operative word here — you’re not getting cash for your phone, and the credit can only be redeemed against on-contract and prepaid handsets.

Can you get money for old phones?

Swappa. Swappa lets you sell your old cell phone – and they won’t charge you fees to do so. You can sell iPhones and Android phones on Swappa – as well as other electronic items. Selling on Swappa is easy, but you do have to create an account to get a quoted price for your phone.

Where can I sell my old broken phone?

Thankfully, you can sell broken phones at Mazuma and get cash for them. Mazuma will pay you cash for your old and broken mobile phones, even if the screen doesn’t work, if they won’t switch on, if they are cracked or scratched or if the touch screen is faulty.

How much does Walmart pay for old phones?

Walmart’s trade-in program offers an immediate credit from $50 to $300 for more than 100 smartphones. Examples of trade-in values for working, non-damaged smartphones include: $300 for an Apple iPhone 5, $175 for a Samsung Galaxy SIII and $52 for a Samsung Galaxy S2.

Where can I get money for old cell phones?

  1. EcoATM. EcoATM is an automated kiosk that collects your unwanted cell phones and tablets and gives you cash for them.
  2. Eco-Cell. Eco-Cell is a Louisville, Kentucky-based e-waste recycling company.
  3. Best Buy.
  4. Hope Phones.
  5. Cell Phones for Soldiers.
  6. Gazelle.
  7. Call2Recycle.
  8. Your carrier.

Are broken phones worth anything?

For one, the broken phone may be worth it for them to repair. For another, the value of broken cell phones may go beyond whether or not a company can get the phone to work. Some phones often contain rare minerals or other materials that have value beyond the fact that they can be used to make a phone.

Do pawn shops buy phones?

DVDs, video games, and cell phones are not great items to pawn because they are so common. Cell phones are frequently stolen, and it is usually too risky for a pawn shop to sell them. However, there are exceptions to these rules, so check with your local pawn shop to learn exactly what items they accept.

How do you sell your phone to a customer?



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How much are old cell phones worth?

Even though most working models of the phone can easily go for $500 on the average, which is still a very respectable amount for a phone released back in 2008, excellent conditioned models with the original packaging can easily be found selling north of $1,000 through various vendors and re-sellers.

How do I sell my phone at Walmart?



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Does Best Buy buy old cell phones?

Yes they do. I have traded in with Best Buy a few times and they buy back and working cell from most big carriers. You can check on their website for the buy back program. Yes, they don’t care where you got the phone.

What does ecoATM pay for phones?

Your ecoATM price is dependent on a variety of factors, and that’s why you’re asked so many questions before you can sell your device. Using the iPhone 6 as a model, we compared the value of a phone that is: Unlocked and working perfectly: $40. Locked and working perfectly: $35.

What is the machine at Walmart that buys phones?

ecoATM kiosk

How do I sell a pen?



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How can I sell my mobile?

Get the guaranteed best price for your phone or tablet in 4 easy steps

  • Search for your device. Use our search box to find your mobile or tablet.
  • Select the best deal. Compare prices so you get the GUARANTEED best deal.
  • Post your device. Choose which recycler to sell your device to then post it to them.
  • Get your cash.

How do you pitch a cell phone?

Here are 5 tips from a sales recruiter on how to make a successful sales pitch over the phone:

  1. Practice makes perfect. You are not going to nail your sales pitch on your first day on the job.
  2. Plan your sales pitch call. If you fail to plan, plan to fail.
  3. Keep it simple.
  4. Get to the point right away.
  5. Your voice matters.