Quick Answer: Who Has Nintendo Stock Switch?

Who has the Nintendo switch in stock?

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StoreProduct TitlePrice
GameStopConsole – Nintendo Switch Blue/Red Joy-Con ()$299.99
WalmartConsole – Nintendo Switch Blue/Red Joy-Con ()$299.00
GameStopConsole – Nintendo Switch Gray Joy-Con ()$299.99
WalmartConsole – Nintendo Switch Gray Joy-Con ()– – –

8 more rows

Is Nintendo switch out of stock?

At many stores, the standard Nintendo Switch is out of stock, and while there are likely still a few to be found at the Switch’s standard retail price, many of the listings you’ll find have asking prices of $400 or even $500.

Why are there no Nintendo switches in stock?

A Nintendo Switch console shortage could hit Europe and the United States as soon as April 2020. According to the latest reports from Bloomberg, Nintendo’s supply chain has been affected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Why is Nintendo switch out of stock UK?

Original Nintendo Switch models will be back in stock March 13th, available to pre-order now. Update 3: Due to the current health situation impacting both stock and supply, the main model Nintendo Switch – which has been very hard to get a hold of since Black Friday 2019 anyway – is currently very, very tricky to find.