Quick Answer: Why Are Joycons So Expensive?

Why are Joycons expensive?

Nothing in the breakdown explains why the Joycons are so expensive at $80.

The MEMS accelerometer they use costs $1.88 each when buying 500 at a time.

The entire concept of the Switch as a multiplayer in-couch experience is heavily undermined by the excessive cost of a controller.

How much do joy cons cost?

The left or right Joy-Con controllers can be purchased for $49.99 each, and keep in mind that each controller has slightly different functionality; they’re not all the same. A bundle of both controllers is $79.99.

Do I need to buy extra joy cons?

Of course, additional gamepads are necessary for local multiplayer gaming on any console, but $79.99 for two extra Joy-Cons is a lot more than $59.99 for, say, a second Xbox One controller. Note that the Joy-Con controllers are not simply mirror images of each other.

Do skins damage the Nintendo switch?

Yes, emphasis on new – that’s because the Switch is a bit high maintenance in one regard: skins with standard adhesives can damage the Switch’s delicate plastic. The discovery of this flaw was kinda a big deal on Reddit, and it led to dbrand halting sales of all Switch skins.