Quick Answer: Why Are Trains So Expensive In Japan?

The Shinkansen is expensive because Japan is expensive.

Why is Japan expensive?

Because most people believe they are paying a normal price and accept to pay that price.

They are oblivious that it could be cheaper.

Are trains expensive in Japan?

Trains are not so expensive in Japan!! The Shinkansen and Express trains are expensive. If you stick to the normal, regular trains, the prices are actually quite reasonable. They run everywhere the Shinkansen does, just a lot slower, and often on much more scenic lines.

How much does train cost in Japan?

The limited express fee depends on the distance traveled and on the train. Limited express fees for shinkansen range from around 800 yen for short distances to around 11,000 yen for long distances. For tokkyu, they range from around 500 to around 4,000 yen.

Is public transport expensive in Japan?

Transportation (Including the Bullet Train)

Thanks to the Japan Rail Pass, trains (at least those operated by the JR company) are surprisingly affordable, or at least fixed in price. On the other hand, other aspects of travel in Japan can be expensive, particular long-distance buses and private trains.

Why is the bullet train so expensive?

The Tokaido shinkansen is the only profitable high speed rail route in the world. It’s expensive because it’s the best way to travel between cities. It’s competition is airplanes. Few people will ride across the entire country on one because after a certain distance the planes are cheaper and faster.