Quick Answer: Why Do The Villagers Not Want To Remove The Path?

Explanation: The villagers were not willing to remove the path because according to them this path connecting the village shrine and the villagers place of burial has cultural significance.

This path is the one that their dead relatives take and is the one that their ancestors use to visit.

Why is the path across the school important to the villagers?

To the villagers, the path is immensely important as it links the current villagers to their past by linking them to the cemetery, it also serves to link them to future generations so that it is an absolutely vital part of their folklore and the way they feel about the village, etc.

How does the headmaster prevent the villagers from using the path?

Accordingly, the headmaster prevents the villagers from further using the path by blocking the entrance and exit walkways with heavy sticks. The blocked path is also strengthened with barbed wire in these two places.

Why is the path so important to the priest and the villagers?

The priest tells him the path must be open because not only do the villagers’ ancestors travel on the path, but that it is also the path by which the spirits of those about to be born travel to the village. Michael’s response is to say that the purpose of the school is to get rid of such beliefs.

What is the conflict between Michael Obi and the villagers?

The main conflict involves Obi’s refusal to open the ancestral pathway which connects to the universal conflict between modernity and traditional cultures. The main conflict surrounds a village footpath that travels through the school compound connecting the villagers’ shrine to their burial grounds.