Why Is There No National Dex In Sword And Shield?

After getting replaced in Sun and Moon Game Freak decided that the HM system doesn’t quite fit in with Sword and Shield’s setting either.

This is because of Sword and Shield’s more open Wild Area and the desire to give players more freedom to explore on their own.

Will there be a national dex in sword and shield?

Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC Returning Pokemon list: every national dex Pokemon returning in the expansion pass. After months of controversy, a bunch of the national Pokedex Pokemon absent from Sword & Shield are back in the latest DLC.

Why is there no national Dex?

“Citing the fact that the series now has more than 1,000 Pokemon, Masuda said that it would be too difficult a task to include 1,000+ Pokemon that would live up to the standard of the Nintendo Switch. He added: “It would also be too much work to ensure every Pokemon was balanced in battle.”

Why are all the Pokemon not in sword and shield?

As the post tells it, Game Freak said it decided to cut the national Pokédex, thereby limiting the number of Pokémon in Sword and Shield, because the company decided to redo all models “from scratch.” The wireframes, which are apparently the same across multiple games, are supposed to prove that Game Freak’s rationale

Why was the National Dex removed?

Decision to remove National Pokedex explained

“There are a couple of different parts to the thinking behind it, but really the biggest reason for it is just the sheer number of Pokemon,” Masuda said in an interview with USGamer.