Question: Why Is There No National Dex?

Why is there no national dex in sword and shield?

In a recent interview with Inside Gamer (via VG24/7), Game Freak producer Junichi Masuda stated that having no National Dex in Pokemon Sword & Shield is an approach that the company wants to “continue with in future Pokemon games.” Truthfully, it’s not a bad idea – just one that fans might need to get used to.

Why is there no national Pokedex?

No Longer a Noob

The National Pokedex contains every Pokemon in existence. So after Pokemon Sword and Shield there would be close to 1000 different Pokemon. Normally in the games you start with Regional Pokedex that only has Pokemon available to the Region.

Why is there no national dex in sun and moon?

Even Pokémon Sun and Moon, which did not technically have a National Pokédex, still enabled players to trade in all the existing Pokémon – there were no exclusions, which will not be the case in Sword and Shield. It is arguable that the game could be patched later, but Masuda has expressed no interest in doing that.

Will Pokemon Sword and Shield have a national Dex?

Pokemon Sword & Shield Producer Says National Dex Will Not Be Expanded, Despite Controversy.

How do you get Zeraora?

Use these steps, along with your code, to get Zeraora.

  • Open your Pokémon Ultra Sun Pokémon Ultra Moon game.
  • Select Mystery Gift on the main menu.
  • Select Receive Gift.
  • Select Get with Code/Password, then Yes, then Yes again to connect to the internet.
  • Enter your code.
  • Watch as Zeraora arrives in your game.

Is Bulbasaur in sword and shield?

The most important news is that Mewtwo, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander are all popping up in Max Raid Battles in Sword and Shield. Squirtle and Bulbasaur will be welcomed to the game with open, loving arms while Charmander has actually been there since launch, albeit only obtainable after beating the game.