Question: Why You Should Never Pre Order Games?

Since video games are so much more complex than they used to be, they’re also more prone to errors.

If you hold onto your money and don’t preorder a game, you can wait until the bugs are fixed before buying, giving yourself a better gaming experience than if you had preordered (and maybe even a lower price).

What’s the point of pre ordering games?

what’s the point of pre ordering a video game ? Pre-ordering used to be primarily about guaranteeing stock. This isn’t such a big deal anymore, but there was once a time when major game releases would have relatively limited inventory on retailers’ shelves compared to demand.

Do you get a game early if you preorder it?

There is a distinct difference between Early-Access and Pre-Order games. If you pre-order a game, you are paying money for a product that is not yet released. When you buy a Pre-Order, you will receive a blank download page that is awaiting content. Do not delete it!

What happens when you preorder a digital game?

When you pre-order a game, your wallet or payment method will be charged. If you change your mind before the content is released (or within 14 days of making the pre-order) and the content hasn’t started to download to your PlayStation system, you will be able to cancel the pre-order and receive a refund.

Does pre ordering cost money?

We won’t charge you for the pre-order until release day, and will send you an e-mail to confirm when the item is available in Your Games & Software Library. If you’d like to cancel your pre-order before release day, go to Your Games & Software Library and click Cancel pre-order.

Do pre orders arrive on release day?

As long as your order is placed before 4 pm on the day before release day and payment is processed without any issues, we would expect you to receive your game on release day. Our orders are dispatched up until 5 pm the day before release. When this happens, you will receive a shipping confirmation email.