Quick Answer: Will Animal Crossing New Horizons Connect To Pocket Camp?

Will pocket Camp connect to new horizons?

New Horizons will support both local and online co-op gameplay, with up to four players locally and eight players online able to occupy an island at any given time. The game will not connect directly with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, though there will be collaboration items between the two games.

Does pocket Camp connect to new leaf?

The datamine revealed that an item resembling a smartphone in New Leaf would act as a bridge between the title and Pocket Camp. We may still get connectivity between Pocket Camp and the future Animal Crossing Switch release, but it’s a huge shame knowing that connectivity was planned, and eventually scrapped entirely.

Can you play Animal Crossing pocket camp on the switch?

Nintendo. If you play the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game your smart device (iOS or Android), you can obtain special in-game items that can be used in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch when you link your Nintendo Account in both games (Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing: New Horizons sold separately)!

When can I play Animal Crossing New Horizons?

However, Nintendo does make it clear that “some third-party titles are not available until 12 PM PT” on the day the game is supposed to come out. Being a first-party game, however, we can expect New Horizons to be available at 9 PM PT on Thursday, March 19.